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1. Why do I register ?

To enter the BBS, you have to register firstly.

2. How do I register ?

You will see a square by the lefthand side of the front page as the following image :

Click on "Register". You go to another page as the following image:

Then, you should :

Create your own user name.
give your current email address.
Create your own password as you like.

One time you have filled this form, click on "Send Registration". You will see the following message :

You will receive an email sent automatically to your email account. You should now go check your email and click on the link. Then you can enter the BBS.

3. How do I get into the BBS ?

Click on the button "BBS" at the lefthand side of the front page.

4. How does it work the BBS ?

There are now two rubrics : "Administration" et "Discussion Générale (general discussion)". In "Administration", there's one forum : "FAQ". In "Discussion Générale", there are "Actualités d'arts martiaux (martial art news)", "Multimédia (multimedia)", "Matériel d'entraînement (training materials)", "Activités collectives (collective activities)" et "Divers (other)".  Don't hesitate to give me your suggestion about this.

To post a message, go to, for instance, "FAQ". You get to the following interface :

Click on "Post new topic", you get to the following interface :

Your name and your email address appear. Now give a name of the subject that you are going to talk about. Then write your text in the text zone. When you finish, click on "submit". Your message will be posted instantly.

There are also some other functions.

You can choose "smily".
You can change the style and format of your text by using the "boardcode". "IMG" is for the insertion of image in your text. But you have to get the link of that image. "URL" is for the insertion of webpage link.
You can also choose the color of your text.
You can add smilies in your text by clicking on the icons at the lefthand side of the text zone.
You can add images to your message. But the size should not exceed 200x200 and 50kb.
You can add files (zip,txt or doc) to your message, but the size should not exceed 65kb.

To modify your profile, click on "My profile". Then you will go to the following page:

In your profile, you can choose the viewtype and the message ordering, your signature and your "Avatar", that is, the image that represent you and appears in each of your message. You can use the avatars available in the BBS, or transfer your own from your PC. But the size should not exceed 70x70 - 40 Kb.

5. What should I do if I lost my password ?

Click on "Lost password ?" in "Identification". The following page appears:

Give your username and your email address that you'v used when you registered previously. And then click on "Send password". You will receive your password in your email account.


If you have not found yet and answer to your question, please send me a mail by This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it .

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